Androgynous Qualities


things about capitalism people take for granted:

if you don’t prove your worth (and not to society at large, but specifically to the people who already have the money), you’ll literally fucking die. this is considered totally normal and not at all evidence that the system is evil




Ruin this text post

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this is a goddamn national travesty

FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t care if you like Benedict Cumberbatch or not, but I need EVERYONE READING THIS to click on this link, scroll down to laverne cox (or just ctrl+f her name) and click YES on her voting!!!!! it’ll make you sign in with either facebook or twitter, but it is instant one-click signing in, and they don’t post anything on your profile. it’s just for verification purposes so 4chan doesn’t fix the voting again like they did a few years ago.

DO IT!!!!!

Don’t make an excuse. It’ll take like thirty seconds. Just do it.

also take the time to vote no for jared leto and rupaul



aggressively reads your readmores to make sure you’re okay

aggressively doesn’t know what to do when you’re not okay

so there i was, minding my own gay business, when suddenly a heterosexual looked at me! the nerve! how dare a mere mortal gaze upon my celestial being with their feeble eyes. how very distasteful


Vlada Roslyakova by Pierluigi Maco for Vogue China January 2007


this guy in my class is wearing shorts, socks with sandals, a shirt that says swag on it, and a snapback he is definitely straight

Game of Thrones: The Purple Wedding


…i guess u could say someone killed the life of the party………………

(dedicated to sansaspark)




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Rather than go blond the hair dye turned me half ginger.

Rather than go blond the hair dye turned me half ginger.

Shouldn’t you be fucking with somebody your age instead of making changes?